Unit 2: Creation


Evolutionary theory is usually presented as fact everywhere a person turns. To balance this, in the History Links Creation unit, you will find the other side of this debate presented in great depth. The students, along with their parents, will study scientific data, along with Church documents on the topic and ultimately, the parents are left to be the authority on the subject wherever the Church has not given definitive guidance.

Little ones follow the six days of Creation with a shadow box while older students analyze various archaeological dating techniques. Trace Church teaching on creation and evolution from the second century on. Wear homemade “skins”, replicate cave drawings, and forage for food like a stone-age man. 77 pgs.

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Please note: The Creation unit is a challenging unit. Although it includes a lot of Scripture and Catholic doctrine, it is more science than the other units. Some families, especially those with only younger children, seem to get bogged down in this unit and then don’t continue on with the other units that are more historically based. So, while Creation is an important topic, if you only have younger students you may want to forgo the study for now or, alternatively, just do the fun activities about the Creation story and Early Man.